Katiuchia Uzzun Sales
Ms 3

Tel.: (16) 3315-9113


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General Information

The aim of Dr. Sales’ Laboratory is to understand the cellular and genetic mechanisms involved in cancer initiation in the mouth and uterine cervix, with special focus on serine protease and its inhibitors.

Research Aims

The high incidence, low survival rates, infiltrative and metastatic potential of oral and cervical cancers (in particular squamous cell carcinoma) prompted us to better understand the involved proteolytic pathways in these devastating diseases. Although serine proteases and their inhibitors are essential to normal physiology, they can also be involved in tissue damage in several pathological processes, including cancer. Indeed, serine proteases are good candidates for the development of new prognostic markers for several types of cancer, where they have disregulated activity. Our studies focus on a translational perspective starting from pre-clinical information that might ultimately contribute to targeted therapies. For this, we use a variety of tools, including:

1- Transgenic mouse models,

2- Cellular biology,

3- Molecular biology,

4- Tissue biology.


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