The program aims to form scientists to work at frontier areas of research and in higher education.

The supervisors of the postgraduate program study a variety of themes in biology, employing state of the art experimental approaches to answer questions that situated at the frontier of knowledge in cell and molecular biology. The biological and computational tools of the post-genomic era are applied to study cancer, different aspects of unicellular organisms and metazoans biology, host-pathogen interactions. The know-how for the generation and study of transgenic organisms and well-equipped facilities dedicated to in vivo and in vitro imaging complements this rich multidisciplinary environment.

In addition to promote a multidisciplinary environment, we encourage our students to expose themselves to international research experiences by participating at meetings, courses or research internships overseas.

These approaches and actions cooperate to provide a solid scientific background to students, aiming to form scientists able to work with excellence in their fields of study.